People are people
They are humans, and they have everything within
They are stupid, they are dumb
They are a little intelligent, They can easily be found
They are common.
In common all of them
Share some qualities,
Good and Bad.
But they deny that all of them are equal
And that everyman’s blood is Red.
That may be the reason why they shed blood of brothers
In order to see whether it’s Red.

Then they cover bodies in white
And from this cloth named “Ethics”,
all the stains all the horrors of the society they cover
Then they forget about it,
And then they begin to believe in their own lie.
At the “bottomless pit” only they’ll
The truth,
The lie.

People are intelligent but foolish,
People are civil but savage,
They are animals, when their souls are blind.


Blood, thicker than tears

Blood is thicker than water
That’s right
That’s Why
I don’t cry
I know that water cannot,
give blood
I know that water cannot,
give life to dead
I know
That flesh can’t stop bullets
And a bomb can shake the earth better than a heart,
can change lives better than a heart can
Powerful than the heart’s beat,
Louder than the heart’s beat
You can hear it load and clear….
Birds scatter, Doves fly away
In the red dusty din
Bodies are scattered
Then the rain patters,
from the sky, of blood and tears
Paradise disturbed
Paralysed feelings
Growing fears
Blood is thicker than tears
That’s why I don’t cry
Not that I don’t love you

වැඩවසම් චින්තනය

Photo Credits goes to: David Gard, The Star Ledger's photo desk.

Photo Credits goes to: David Gard, The Star Ledger’s photo desk.

සුදු ලෝගුවකි, කසාවතකි
එය පොරවාගත් මිනිසුන් වෙති.
ඔවුන ට වඳින
තවත් මිනිසුන් බොහෝ වෙති.

තීන්ත බාල්දියකට දවසක්
වැටිලා නරියෙක්
ඌ වටේත් මෙලෙසටම රැුස් වුනි සෙනගක්.
වැසි ඇද හැලුනු විට
සතූන් යන්නට විය
සත්‍ය රජු වෙත